Clear Adjustable Wire Easel

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Medium Adjustable Easel
3.2" W × 0.45" D × 4.7" H
  • Fits items 8"-11"and up to 4 1/2" depth
12 minimum
In Stock
Large Adjustable Easel
5" W × 1.15" D × 7.15" H
  • Fits items 9" - 18" and up to 5" depth
12 minimum
In Stock
Small Adjustable Easel
3.5" W × 2.75" D × 4" H
  • Fits items 3" - 8" and up to 3" depth
12 minimum
Out of Stock
ETA: Late December
The versatility of our Clear Adjustable Wire Easels makes them one of the most useful display stands on the market. These adjustable stands will easily hold books, pictures, plates, bowls and more. Featuring a sturdy acrylic base that is machine riveted to an adjustable vinyl coated back wire, this stand is available in 3 sizes. It comes in retail packaging which allows it to be hung for resale purposes.