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Motherly Advice: Plan Your Mother's Day Display

I love being a mother. It is the most significant role I play and there is not anything that I would not do for my children. As mothers we are always communicating, planning, organizing and coordinating family celebrations. As Mother's Day approaches we may, oddly enough, have to nudge our family to remember us, or even plan our own Mother's Day excursions.

Retailers need to suggest motherly direction and put together thoughtful displays that prompt oblivious shoppers, that Mother's Day is approaching. Implement these three suggestions for a more powerful Mother's Day display.
  1. Create Signs. Family members are used to getting list of to do's from the women they love. Make certain that your store directly communicates what needs to be done through strong signs. Use a chalk board that clearly states the list of what to do:
    TO DO
      Remember to pick up Mother's Day gift
      Plan Mother's Day party
  2. Be organized. A mother's direction is always clear and defined. Women spend an inordinate amount of time sorting, organizing and cleaning. Make certain that the display likewise clearly defines selections with obvious suggestions. Those shopping for their family member, might not know what to get. Keep collections grouped together so that decisions are easy and clear.
  3. Make it look like home. Put together an environment that takes shoppers
    back to home and reminds them of mom. Create scenes that are reminiscent
    of a mother and offset it with thoughtful suggestions. Set beautiful kitchen
    buffets to highlight soothing bath accessories, use dinning chairs to drape
    elegant silk scarves, fill old drawers with coffee beans and tuck in elegant
  4. Price the accessories. Women love things to make their home more
    appealing. Don't hesitate to sell the home accessories that you have used in
    your display. It's a great way to keep your store looking interesting.

By taking a motherly approach to your displays, retailers can produce some awesome looks that will translate to sales.