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A Macho Father's Day Display

I have always loved celebrating father's day. My father is my hero. He has taught me the value of working hard, enjoying family, and mostly about love.

As retailers consider how to best create a father's day display, contemplate these three keys to impressive father's day displays:
  1. Keep it simple. Mothers are the keepers of the home. Dads are the Kings of the garage. Women, in many instances, enjoy the details and delicacies of life, while men are traditionally more "no non-sense". When creating a father's day display, keep groupings and accessories modest and clean. The arrangement does not need variance regarding texture, color and style. The backdrop of your product line should be simple and organized. Incorporate neutral colored accessories that are composed of natural wood and metal. If you don't have masculine shelving - contemplate including rustic crates or an old wooden ladder to add height and dimension to your display. Make certain to simplify product presentation by carefully organizing accessories in masculine bins, suitcases or drawers to draw attention to various assortments.
  2. Make it Macho. My father is constantly drawn to things that are "heavy duty". I think it's just another word for indestructible. Find display objects that remind you of the men in your life. Use accessories that are strong, made of steel, and create brave and bold focal points. Iron and metal accessories add that sense of strength and continuity.
  3. Keep it quirky. My father is quite playful and curious. I encourage you to incorporate the unexpected. Use a fishing rod for a tie display, feature watches on a hockey stick or suitcases to organize product. Pick a favorite theme: cars, bikes or sports. Consider how you might enhance your display with unusual fixtures. Integrate display accessories that are unexpected and manly. Place a weber grill, a leather lazy-boy chair, or an old metal garbage can in your display for bold drama.

My father always tells me I can do anything. He has pushed me to be more than I ever thought I would be. I encourage you to be fearless with your father's day display! It will be worth the effort.