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What Does Red, White and Blue Say to You?

There is not a more powerful time to talk about the relevance of color in design than the fourth of July. Color plays a primary role in any design. Blocks of color draw attention to areas and can aid in directing eye movement. There are volumes of theories regarding emotions attached to different hues and physiological response. Likewise, there is much evidence that identifies how a combination of colors, tells a story. Retailer's can practice the power of color theories this 4 th of July!

The fourth of July is a unique holiday. It's not a gift giving day, but instead a day of remembrance. People surround themselves with loved ones or silently remember how grateful we are to be Americans. Purchases are traditionally impulsive as consumers' pick-up red shorts for an outing or new blue salt and pepper shakers for the family BBQ. It's not necessarily the item that peaks consumers interest, as it is the color that touches our hearts.

When setting your displays this year for the fourth of July, walk your store and collect all of the items that are red, white and blue. Arrange them together within a grouping identifying themes with strong blocks of colors. The items do not have to even remotely be "patriotic" but will communicate spirit and inspire through hue. Let the combination of those colors remind your customers of American pride. You might be surprised at how items that have sat in your store for months take on new life and meaning.

As I travel the world, I know more than ever that I am glad to be an American. From a design perspective, the forth of July is a great time for retailers to incorporate the power of color and quickly remind consumers to celebrate.