Tripar Deer

Drop Ship Program

Send orders directly to your customers

What is Drop Ship?

Drop shipping is the process of Tripar shipping orders directly to your customers, bypassing your own facility. It eliminates the step of shipping orders to your store or distribution center, saving you freight materials, storage and labor costs.

Is there a fee?

Yes, we do charge a fee in order to keep our product prices low. Drop ship services saves an entire step for your organization, however it does increase our labor and packaging costs. For example, with direct to consumer shipments, instead of one large order shipping to one distribution center (for your organization to handle), there are thousands of individual orders with different destinations. That translates to more people and materials to ship those smaller individual orders. Our drop ship charges vary by recipient (consumer or distribution orders), product type, shipping and labeling requirements.

What does the drop ship process look like?

  1. A customer places an order at your company website
  2. You receive the order
  3. You forward the order to Tripar
  4. Tripar ships the product directly to your customer
  5. Tripar sends you the shipping confirmation
  6. You bill your customer for the order
  7. Tripar bills you for the wholesale cost

How can I get more information?

Please use the following form to contact our customer service specialists with a brief description of your drop ship requirements. Our sales associates will be in touch with you regarding pricing and terms.

Drop Ship Information Request Form