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Fulfillment Services

We offer full scale fulfillment services

Let Tripar take the worry out of your fulfillment needs. Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facility, our seasoned staff can handle even the most complex projects with complete confidence. We'll handle your program with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

We look at it very simply. Service is the name of the game. We make sure that the right goods arrive at the right destination at the right time -- no's guaranteed.

Shipping Services

Your products will be shipped as you request. Mail, UPS, RPS, Truck, 1st Class Mail, 3rd Class Mail, Air, Bulk Mail, Special Express. We'll help you determine the best shipping method for your business. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Inventory Control

We understand that productive inventory control is a must by following these three steps:

  • All product movement is tracked and balanced daily, in real-time, on our computer system.
  • Reports of orders and inventory are issued weekly or as requested.
  • We provide account representatives that handle the detail associated with your orders and business.

Inventory Handling & Warehousing

The Tripar policy is simple - we treat your goods as if they were our own!

  • Incoming shipments are received, inspected and warehoused immediately with no waiting.
  • Documentation is thorough and complete. We check all documents against physical counts when merchandise is received. We send copies to you and immediately enter these records into our computer system.
  • Inspection is a Tripar specialty. Damaged goods do not get entered into inventory. Our thorough spot checks of all incoming merchandise insure that damaged goods do not get shipped to your customers.
  • Storage/Warehousing - Every product has a designated area in our warehouse. Specially secured areas are also available for products that require additional security.
  • Palletization and warehouse shelving (as required for your product) are utilized to ensure that products are not damaged during storage.
  • Security is an essential part of the TRIPAR guarantee. We will not lose your products!
  • Your products can be separately insured as required and to the extent that you feel is essential.

Returned Goods & Refurbished Handling

Our returned goods and refurbishing handling are stand alone operations so that you can select either or both. Your customers receive prompt attention and credits for their returned merchandise. Refurbishing is also available as one of our special contracted services. We do offer repackaging of good returns (quoted individually). We want to make sure that your customers receive the highest level of service. These services have reduced some of our customer's return costs by 75%.


Every product is unique. Our computerized picking and packing control ensures that your products are packaged for shipment correctly without embarrassing errors.

  • Repacking is a great service for wholesale customers. We can pick, consolidate and repackage all items that are to be shipped to a common destination. This saves on shipping costs and gives your customers professional service.
  • Assembly of products that consist of several separate pieces that must be "kitted" before shipments is a common service for many of our customers.
  • Packing material of the highest quality: 32 ECT cartons, UPS reshipable cartons, bubble wrap, sealing tape, etc. is used to your needs and specifications.
  • Storage/Warehousing - Every product has a designated area in our warehouse. Specially secured areas are also available for products that require additional security.
  • Labels are carefully checked and sorted. Quality controls ensure that labels have been properly applied on the right packages.
  • Remarking packages to put new product ID's, on the package is offered. Tripar can print UPC code labels to your specifications.
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Service Guarantee

All collected services provided by Tripar, including labor, materials and turn around time, are fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.