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5" Ebony Premium Wood Stand (Bulk Packaging)

Item #23-1205B
Ebony 5 Inch
In Stock
Pricing and ordering is only available to businesses

Display your favorite home decor with simplicity and class using a 5" premium wooden easel. The ebony painted finish offers a classic look for plates, artwork, signage and more. The easel is adjustable and folds flat for convenient storage.

The small, 5" Premium Ebony Wooden Stand is lightweight, and supports items 4"-6.5". The stands have basic packaging with a UPC tag only. They are not designed for hanging display.

  • Ebony painted wooden stand
  • Perfect for plates, artwork, tiles and framed photographs
  • Looks great on shelves, desks, counters and more
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Folds for storage
  • Holds items 4" - 6.5"
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Basic packaging with UPC tag only
  • Not designed for hanging display
  • Tabletop display
Item Info
Item SKU 23-1205B
Name 5" Ebony Premium Wood Stand (Bulk Packaging)
Style Ebony 5 Inch
In Stock
UPC 025403012054
Catalog Page 85D
Height 5.25" high
Width 5.25" wide
Depth 3.65" deep
Weight 0 lbs 2.55oz
Adjustable? Yes
Adjustability Notes Adjust the opening width of the easel depending on the size of your display piece
Lip 1.4"
Manufacturing VarianceHand Crafted
Available in 21 styles
23-1205B 5 Inch Ebony
23-1202B 7 Inch Ebony
23-1208B 9 Inch Ebony
23-1207B 5 Inch Walnut
23-1204B 7 Inch Walnut
23-1210B 9 Inch Walnut
23-1247B 7 Inch Golden
23-1250B 9 Inch Golden
41135B 5 Inch White
41137B 7 Inch White
41139B 9 Inch White
23-1207 5 Inch Walnut (Retail)
23-1204 7 Inch Walnut (Retail)
23-1206B 5 Inch Rosewood
41125B 5 Inch Mocha
41127B 7 Inch Mocha
41129B 9 Inch Mocha
23-1210 9 Inch Walnut (Retail)
23-1202 7 Inch Ebony (Retail)
23-1208 9 Inch Ebony (Retail)
23-1205 5 Inch Ebony (Retail)