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Large Black Metal Display Rack

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Item #43016
Black Metal Large
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These display racks are deep and can accommodate hanging a variety of unusually shaped items like bowls, platters, tiles, and artwork. The modern design and clean painted finish create a sleek display throughout the home. Deep enough to hold platters, bowls and memory books on the wall and tabletop!

  • Functions as a wall rack or tabletop easel
  • Ideal for items 10" to 16"
  • Can hold items up to 12 lbs on a wall
  • Sleek black painted finish
  • Features 2 holes for screws
  • Wall anchors to ensure stability are recommended
Item Info
Item SKU 43016
Name Large Black Metal Display Rack
Style Black Metal Large
In Stock
UPC 025403430162
Catalog Page 67A
Height 8" high
Width 4.6" wide
Depth 4.65" deep
Weight 0 lbs 9.6oz
Adjustable? No
Lip 3.95"
PlacementWall Hanging, Tabletop
Available in 5 styles
43007 Small Charcoal Metal
43017 Large Charcoal Metal
43006 Small Black Metal
43016 Large Black Metal
19835 Large White Metal
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