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Black Small Platter & Bowl Stand

Item #59881
Black Small
In Stock
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The small Platter & Bowl Stand offers a classic display look for any decor. The stand is heavy and wide and will hold heavy, thick ceramic or glass. The elevated arms also accommodate deep curves that may sit below the arms but need elevation away from the table-top.

  • 4.5" bracket depth
Item Info
Item SKU 59881
Name Black Small Platter & Bowl Stand
Style Black Small
In Stock
UPC 025403598817
Catalog Page 60A
Height 9.1" high
Width 8.25" wide
Depth 5.95" deep
Weight 0 lbs 9.6oz
Adjustable? No
Lip 4.5"
MaterialMetal (Iron)
Available in 6 styles
59881 Small Black
22564 Small Gold
22565 Large Gold
22566 Small White
22567 Large White
59882 Large Black