Believe Word Art Plaque

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Accent any wall with this "Believe" Wall Art Plaque. This wooden plaque will create a real statement with its natural background and traditional thumbnail accents. The plaque looks wonderful on a shelf, hanging on the wall, or propped up against the wall on a table. Store owners can use the Believe Word Art Plaque to finish a natural and positive store environment. The plaque is perfect for hanging on the wall to draw attention to your display, or propping up on a table with your product displayed around it. The plaque is a perfect piece for resale as home decor.
  • Hang on wall, or display on shelf or table
  • Great for any room in your home
  • Hang around displays to draw attention
  • Resale for home decor needs
Dimensions 28.25" W × 8.25" D × 1" H
Weight 3 lbs 3.2oz
Adjustable? No