Whitewash Bark Wrapped Risers

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Add natural beauty to your furniture with Bark Wrapped Risers. The whitewashed wood creates beautiful tablescapes and buffet risers for entertaining and looks great on counters and shelves holding candles, picture frames and more. Flip the riser over to place flowers and plants inside for earthy floral arrangements. Add a natural touch to any display with the Whitewash Bark Riser Set. Featuring natural bark with a whitewash painted stain, these wooden risers are open at the bottom allowing you to use them as containers and are great for floral shops to show off plants. They are a great piece for adding height to your displays or to sell for home use.
  • Open bottom creates beautiful earthy planter
  • Create unique tablescapes
  • Use on shelves and tables for displaying photos
  • Great for adding height to displays
  • Open bottom for opportunity to use as risers or bins
  • 12"h x 16"dia
  • 9.75"h x 13.25" dia
  • 7.5"h x 11"dia
  • 5.5"h x 8.5"dia
  • 3.75"h x 6.5"dia
Dimensions 15.75" W × 15.75" D × 12" H
Weight 15 lbs 5.76oz
Adjustable? No