Natural Birch Risers - Set of 5

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These beautiful natural birch risers make great decorative stands for creating tablescapes or to use on shelves and accent tables. Flip them over and place flowers or potted plants inside. The natural birch bark offers a unique piece for every home. Add a natural touch to any display with the Natural Birch Risers. Featuring natural birch bark, each riser is unique and open at the bottom. Stores can use them to create height in their displays by placing items like candles, jewelry stands and more on top, or flip them upside down and use as bins for organizing socks, accessories, flowers and more.
  • Flip over and use with potted plant
  • Create beautiful natural tablescape
  • Use as buffet risers or for decor on tables and shelves
  • Great for creating height in your displays
  • Natural birch matches every season
  • Flip over and use as buckets for product
Dimensions 13.65" W × 13.65" D × 12" H
Weight 11 lbs 1.6oz
Adjustable? No