Set/5 Metal Stackable Black Cubes

SKU #17909
Add a touch of sleek modern glamour to your home with Stackable Black Cubes. The sturdy cubes are nestable and perfect for creating a clean chic look in the corner of a room or small space. Separate the cubes to create multiple side tables and risers. The opportunities are endless with this piece when you get your creative ideas flowing! Add a touch of modern glamour to your display space with a Set of 5 Stackable Black Cubes. These sturdy, stackable display cubes are nestable and perfect for creating a clean chic look while displaying clothing, accessories, candles, towels and more. Stores can re-sell the cubes for home decor and organization.
  • Stack for tall shelving or use separately
  • Nestable to create sturdy shelf options
  • Use a few together for side tables and nightstands
  • Use as buffet risers or for organization
  • Ship nested inside each other
  • Top of cubes feature stamped metal design
  • Great to stack and leave store open and clean
  • Separate the cubes to use as risers on tables and stands
  • Display clothing, accessories, photo frames and more
  • Cubes: 20"sq, 19"sq, 18"sq, 17"sq, 16"sq
Weight 37 lbs 5.6oz
Adjustable? No
MaterialMetal (Iron)
PlacementFloor Standing