Geometric 1-Clip A-Frame Easel

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Organize your family notes, photos, messages and memories with a trendy rustic Geometric 1-Clip A-Frame Easel. The piece is a great way to keep schedules and tasks organized without taping to the fridge or cabinets. The stand adds modern charm to any tabletop with its weathered painted wood finish and metal clip. The Geometric 1-Clip A-Frame Easel is perfect for boutiques and stores looking to create a rustic warm ambiance. The piece is a beautiful option for displaying sale signs and announcements, or to price items in displays. This geometric modern rustic easel is perfect for gift, decor, home and other stores to sell for home and office use.
  • Keep notes and lists on your mind
  • Weathered painted wood for rustic warm decor
  • A decorative way to leave notes for family
  • Display photos and artwork
  • Use for store memos and sale announcements
  • Trendy postage of item prices in your displays
  • Sell for home and office use
Dimensions 7.75" W × 6" D × 11.75" H
Weight 0 lbs 12.8oz
Adjustable? No
FinishRough, Brushed