Small Box Drawer Shelf Set

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Create the perfect entryway or put the final touches on your living room decor with a set of small box drawer shelves. The drawers look beautiful hanging on walls with potted plants inside, or as shelves displaying candles, frames and more. The cream antiqued finish adds a vintage touch that accents any decor and furniture. The shelves have a keyhole for hanging and are just 2 lbs 6 oz. Create a rustic display for any items with the Small Box Drawer Shelf Set. Featuring an acrylic knob, distressed cream painted finish and a keyhole for hanging, the set can be hung from a wall or displayed on a table-top. Pair the set in multiples for a large wall scape or decor throughout your store.
  • Hang on the wall or simply place on tabletops
  • Beautiful for displaying potted plants or flowers
  • Hang as a shelf with candles, frames and more
  • Use for decorative storage in the bathroom
  • Small: 4.75" sq
  • Medium: 6" sq
  • Large 7" sq
  • Lightweight
  • Use together or separate
  • Resell for home use
  • Fill with socks, accessories and more
  • Use as risers to add height to your displays
  • Use as point-of-purchase display with impulse items
Weight 2 lbs 6.4oz
Adjustable? No