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Square Tin "HOME" Wall Sign

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Add some industrial chic decor to complete your modern home with a Square Tin "HOME" Wall Sign. This item features flat-iron letters outlined with a hemp cord. The sign is 23.6 inches long and 5 pounds offering easy hanging. You will love coming home to a warm welcoming sign every day.

The Square Tin "HOME" Wall Sign is perfect for decor, furniture and gift stores to sell for home use. The sign is only 5 lbs offering easy hanging and carrying. Stores can also use the sign for creating a warm and welcoming shopping experience.

  • Flat-iron letters outlined with hemp cord
  • Great for any room of the home
  • Creates a modern but cozy home atmosphere
  • Lightweight
  • Great resale item for home decor needs
  • Use in store for a warm atmosphere
  • Use on wall or tabletop
Dimensions 23.6" W × 2.5" D × 23.75" H
Weight 5 lbs 1.6oz
Adjustable? No