Natural Birch Wood Lantern

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Cast a warm glow with this Natural Birch Wood Lantern. Crafted from natural birch wood, metal, glass and a rope handle it makes the perfect decor accent. The lantern is beautiful with a candle inside and hanging, or displayed on a tabletop or mantel. Decorate with multiples to make warm, elegant centerpieces for weddings and showers. The Natural Birch Wood Lantern is perfect to sell to consumers for home and event decor. You can use it in stores as well for creating a warm earthy display. Place candles inside or hang the lanterns to draw customers attention.
  • Hang the lantern or use on tabletop or mantle
  • Use multiples for a more dramatic look
  • Place a candle inside for warm glow
  • Do not leave candle unattended
  • Recommended for use with battery operated candles
  • Sell for home decor
  • Display candles inside
  • Create a warm and earthy store environment
Dimensions 4.75" W × 4.75" D × 6.25" H
Weight 1 lbs 8.8oz
Adjustable? No
Manufacturing VarianceNatural Materials
MaterialWood (Birch)
Care Instructions Glass can be cleaned with consumer cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. The frame may be cleaned with a dry cloth.
Number of Components 1