Ritz 4-Arm Swivel Display Rack

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This gold 4-arm swivel display rack is the perfect solution for hanging towels and hand towels, or clothes to dry in your bedroom, laundry room, bathroom or anywhere else! The rack can also be used in your entryway for a sleek display of coats, hats, purses and more. Its wide base and gold color create a sturdy display and glamorous home atmosphere. The Ritz 4-Arm Swivel Rack Display creates a glamorous yet sophisticated store ambiance with its gold color and fun base. The rack is just over 9 pounds and can be used to display towels, throws, purses and more. Stores can resell the rack for home decor and organization.
  • Use in your bathroom, bedroom and laundry room
  • Organize throws, blankets, towels and more
  • Hang clothes to dry
  • Organize hanging umbrellas, purses and coats
  • 9 lbs 4 oz
  • Gold
  • Display throws, towels, purses, blankets and more
  • Resell for home use
  • Each arm swivels
Dimensions 18.5" W × 18.5" D × 55.25" H
Weight 9 lbs 4oz
Adjustable? No
MaterialTube, Metal (Iron)
PlacementFloor Standing
Care Instructions Clean with damp or dry microfiber cloth.
Number of Components 1
Included Screws 1
Assembly Required? Yes
# of Parts 7
Factory Labeled Parts No
Instructions Included? Yes
Difficulty (1=Easy, 5=Hard) 2
Tools Recommended
People Recommended 1