Wall Hanging Card & Photo Holder Metal Tree

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This easy to hang metal card and photo holder is perfect for displaying holiday greeting cards, photos, notes, artwork and more. Great for adding holiday cheer in any space. The metal, matte black finish complements any holiday decor. It easily holds 13 cards on the wire spirals. Folds flat for easy compact storage. This Wall Hanging card & Photo Holder Metal Tree is a beautiful display piece for postcards, holiday cards, artwork and more. The wall hanging tree leaves your floor space open for various other displays. This is a great item to resell for home and office Christmas decor.
  • Use for displaying Christmas cards, photos and more
  • Use in kitchen, living room, dining room and more
  • Wall decor leaves space open and clean
  • Maximize wall space leaving floor large and open
  • Hang greeting cards, postcards, artwork and more
  • Sell for home decor and organization
Dimensions 19" W × 0.25" D × 35" H
Weight 1 lbs 4oz
Adjustable? No
Manufacturing VarianceNo
PlacementWall Hanging
Care Instructions Clean with a damp or dry microfiber cloth.
Number of Components 1