Metal Rake Display Stand

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Hang it up with style! Keep your trinkets organized by hanging keys, jewelry and more on the sturdy stand. With a clearance of 14.5", you can hang everything from long necklaces to hair accessories. The Metal Rake Display Stand is great for hanging long necklaces, bracelets, headbands and other accessories. Hang multiples of the same piece on each prong to maximize your space. This item is great to sell for home decor and organization.
  • Great organizer for jewelry, keys and more
  • Perfect for your desk, shelf, dresser or vanity
  • Sturdy base
  • Use for jewelry, headbands, scarves and more
  • Resell for home use
  • Use for displaying at register
  • 14.5" hanging clearance
Dimensions 15.75" W × 5.15" D × 14.9" H
Weight 3 lbs 4.8oz
Adjustable? No
Lip 0.0000
Manufacturing VarianceNo
MaterialMetal (Iron)
Care Instructions Clean with damp or dry microfiber cloth.
Number of Components 1