Lighthouse Lanterns - Set of 2

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These decorative lanterns feature a whitewashed wood frame with metal top and handle for a soft and welcoming feel. The metal top and handle offer a unique gunmetal finish that looks beautiful om any room of the home. The Lighthouse Lanterns are sold in a set of two and are perfect to resell for home decor needs. Store owners can also use this in their space to create a warm atmosphere. Fill the lanterns with candles or other decorative materials and place on shelves or display tables for a coastal ambiance.
  • Whitewashed wood for soft summer feel
  • Use on counter, dresser, shelf, side table and more
  • Soft colors pair well with all your decor pieces
  • Handle adjusts down or can stand straight up
  • Resell for home decor needs
  • Use to create summer or soft visual displays
Dimensions 10.75" W × 10.75" D × 22.5" H
Weight 7 lbs 9.6oz
Adjustable? No
Manufacturing VarianceNo
MaterialMetal (Iron), Wood (Fir), Glass
Not Intended ForNot for Outdoor Use
PlacementFloor Standing, Tabletop
Care Instructions Glass can be cleaned with consumer cleaning solution, the frame may be wiped clean with a dry or damp microfiber cloth.
Number of Components 2