Burlap Floor Body Forms

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Fiberglass Tabletop Jute
Jute & Brulap Tabletop Body Form (Fiberglass)
17" W × 9" D × 30.5" H
  • Fiberglass Core
  • Adjustable Height
Fiberglass Floor Jute
Jute & Burlap Floor Standing Body Form (Fiberglass)
17" W × 14.25" D × 64" H
  • Fiberglass Core
  • 56" - 64" Adjustable Height
Jute & Burlap Tabletop Body Form (Styrofoam)
Jute & Burlap Floor Standing Body Form (Styrofoam)
Our Jute/Burlap Body Forms are made of quality jute and burlap.