Decorative Wall Bows

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Extra Large
Decorative Wall Bow - Extra Large
24" W × 5.25" D × 24" H
  • Use with magnets to hang photos, memos & notes
  • Burnished metal looks great on any wall color
  • Just under 5 lbs
  • Industrial theme
  • Stunning Touch to any wall and room!
  • Clean with a damp or dry microfiber cloth
  • Use for display or store decor
  • Resell for home decor use
  • Just under 5 lbs
Set of 3
Decorative Wall Bows - Set of 3
16.5" W × 5.25" D × 16.5" H
  • Burnished metal matches most wall colors
  • Use magnets on the metal for photos, memos & notes
  • Expand the decor with extra large bow # 18754
  • Resell for home decor
Decorative burnished metal ribbon that is made in a shape of a bow. Wall hanging