Child Mannequin Display

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Baby Mannequin Display
13.75" W × 10.5" D × 26.75" H
  • Arms are stationary.
  • Clear Glass Base
  • Assembly Required
Toddler Mannequin Display
11.2" W × 11.2" D × 30.5" H
  • 31"h x 11"diam
  • 18" Chest, 17" Waist, 18" Hip
  • Clear Glass Base
  • Adjustable Arms
  • 1-2 Year Old Size
  • Assembly Required
Out of Stock
ETA: Mid June
Model the latest baby and toddler fashion products with our Childe Mannequin Display. This mannequin is made out of durable fabric and features a glass base and the "toddler" size features adjustable arms. It is available in two sizes: "toddler" or "baby". Some assembly required.