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Swirl Design Easel

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This beautifully designed Swirl Easel is perfect for displaying plates, tiles, artwork and photographs on shelves, side tables and counters. The easel features a brown painted finish and folds flat for convenient storage in your cabinet, pantry or a box.

The Swirl Design Easel is handcrafted to create a unique, contemporary look for any retail space. Great for displaying books, plates, artwork and framed photographs, this easel has a painted brown finish and will accent any table-top surface.

  • This easel best fits items 7"-10"
  • The easel features a 1.75" lip depth
  • Perfect for shelves, tabletops and side tables
  • Display photographs on nightstands and dressers
  • Folds flat for convenient storage
  • Painted brown finish
  • Display sale signage in a unique way
  • Create an elegant atmosphere for consumers
  • Re-sell for home decor and storage
  • Folds flat
  • Lightweight
Dimensions 10.2" W × 8.7" D × 13.65" H
Weight 0 lbs 14.08oz
Adjustable? No
Lip 1.3560