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Wooden Folding Plate Stands

These affordable and simple Wooden Folding Plate Stands are available in Walnut and Ebony color and work with plates, artwork, signs, tiles, and much more! Our Wooden Stands are packaged with a UPC tag. Available in multiple sizes.

4 inch
4 inch Walnut
SKU 41195
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4 inch Ebony
SKU 41190
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6 inch
6 inch Walnut
SKU 41196
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6 inch Ebony
SKU 41191
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8 inch
8 inch Walnut
SKU 41197
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8 inch Ebony
SKU 41192
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10 inch
10 inch Walnut
SKU 41198
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10 inch Ebony
SKU 41193
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12 inch
12 inch Walnut
SKU 41199
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12 inch Ebony
SKU 41194
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