Jute Neck Form Displays

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Medium Jute
Medium Natural Jute Neck Form
7" W × 4" D × 11" H
  • Perfect for one of a kind jewelry, scarves, and accessories
  • Measures 11.25"h x 7.5"w x 4.5"d.
Large Jute
Large Natural Jute Neck Form
10" W × 5.5" D × 16" H
  • Highlight multiple accessories
  • Create a beautifully elegant display for jewelry, scarves and more
  • Measures 16"h x 10"w x 5.5"d.
Tall Jute
Tall Natural Jute Necklace Easel
9.5" W × 8.5" D × 16.25" H
    2 minimum
    In Stock
    Flat Jute
    Flat Natural Jute Neck Form
    6.75" W × 8.5" D × 4.5" H
    • Unique way to display necklaces
    • Weathered jute neck form
    • Measures 4"h x 7.25"w x 8.5"d.
    2 minimum
    In Stock
    Small Natural Jute Necklace Easel
    These natural Jute Neck Form Displays allow you to uniquely showcase and organize your jewelry and accessories. Their super chic look will enhance any piece. The neck forms are available in 3 different sizes while the necklace easels are available in 2 sizes.